Tuesday, October 23, 2018
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The Minnesota Self Storage Association, together with the national Self Storage Association, is working on a number of issues to protect and improve your regulatory arena. In 2014 the MNSSA updated lien law provisions consistent with recent improvements in other states. The new law HF 2598 and SF 2398 became effective on May 5, 2014, the updates to the current law are listed below:

  • Permits lien notices to be sent by either verified mail (any method of mailing that provides evidence of mailing) or electronic mail if the tenant gives their consent. Email must be sent by a method that provides a receipt of delivery.
  • Permits the towing or sale of vehicles, boats and trailers when rent is 60 or more days past due. The towing must be conducted by an insured towing company. Owner must send a notice providing contact information of towing company within one day of towing the property. Owner shall have no liability for loss of or damage to vehicle, boat or trailer once it is towed.
  • A contractual limitation on the value of the property in the storage unit can be issued.
  • UPDATE 6.4.18: Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton signed an SSA-supported bill that expressly authorizes online auctions when selling property that is subject to a self storage lien. Minnesota joins 21 other states, including four this year, authorizing online auctions. SSA thanks the Minnesota SSA for its grassroots efforts to support the bill, which passed the state House and Senate unanimously.
Minnesota Lien Law